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QOTW - it's a lot, but good info i thought.

some technical terms:
GHOST: This word is derived from the Saxon word gaste, meaning spirit. In common usage, a ghost is the soul of a dead person that becomes visible to the living. Psychic researchers refer to a ghost as a recurring apparition. A ghost does not inter react with the living but rather repeats the same action over and over, like a tape being replayed again and again.

HAUNTING: A haunting is an ongoing paranormal disturbance that is associated with a particular place. Features of a haunting can include sounds, temperature changes, drafts, movement of objects without apparent cause, lights and apparitions. Hauntings were first written about by ancient Egyptians and Greeks. The White House is reported to be haunted.

POLTERGEIST: From a German term polter, meaning a noise and geist meaning spirit. In other words a "noisy ghost". The significant thing about this kind of occurrence is it is connected to a particular living person, usually an adolescent female . It is short in duration and is restricted to the moving of object and noises. No visual apparition is usually present. Poltergeist are often reported to injure people and damage objects. A poltergeist is undoubtedly the most terrifying type of paranormal occurrence.

APPARITION: The visual perception of an animal or person not present. The oldest recorded apparition is Babylonian (4000 years ago). This is the most striking form of paranormal occurrence. several in Leesburg.

FACT: A 1990 Gallup Poll reported that 29% of Americans believe in Ghosts and 14% have reported experiencing one.

*Many parapsychologists believe as many as 1 in 8 households in America at any given time are experiencing some kind of paranormal phenomenon.

*Belief in ghosts is traced back to as far back as 3,500 B.C. in early Egyptian manuscripts which speak about spirits and out-of-body experiences.

*The Capital Building in Washington D.C. is alledgedly haunted by a demonic cat that appears in the basement to fortell national disaster.

*Legend has it that looking into the eyes of a person you kill will cause them to come back and haunt you.

*Legend has it that a ghost cannot cross a body of water.

*One in every six Americans believes they have seen, heard, of felt a spirit at least once in their lifetime.

*It is common lore that if you don't hold your breath when going by a cemetery you will breath in the spirit of a person who is recently deceased.
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