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my info for question of the week

Results of expedition to Lockport Texas. (No, it was not me who went.)

This building was once the old jailhouse and was in use until the early 1980's. In its early history, hangings were actually conducted on the grounds. Reported spirits include former prisoners, the jailer, and his wife. 

Present for the investigation from Lone Star Spirits were Pete Haviland, Carolyn Phinny, and Joe Perez. 

Observations made by our team:

Unexplained smells of floral perfume, urine, and feces.

Equipment used:

Standard 35mm camera with Kodak/Fuji color 800 speed film or better

Sony Nightshot video camera

Sony shoebox recorder with external microphone and new 90 minute high-quality tape. 


One vortex and one orb on still shots, and several moving orbs captured in one old cell that had been sealed for the investigation, and some unexplained bangings and sounds of gunshots.

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