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more info for question of the week

SCEANCE, organizes sitting for the purpose of recieving spirit communication
RAPPINGS, a form of spirit communication
POLTERGEIST, a lost spirit
GHOST SHIPS, commonly linked to disasters and shipwrecks
ARRIVAL GHOSTSappearance of a person in advance
GHOST VEHICLES, ghostly vehicles wHich suddenly appear on the road
GHOST CALLS, phone calls from the dead
APPARATIONS, apparations appear and disappear suddenely
GHOST COFFIN, mysterious disturbances of coffins
GHOST HAUNTING, the ghost haunting of the adelphi theatre london
ALCATRAZ HAUNTING, the haunting of the alcatraz jail
ARDINGLY GHOSTS, the ardingly ghosts
PAPILLON HALL, the history of the hauntings
HOOSAC TUNNEL, the ghosts of hoosac tunnel
GHOST CURSE, the cursed car of james dean
DEATH COACH, superstition that death travels in horse drawn coach
GHOST DANCE, dance to communicate with ghosts
CORPSE CANDLES, supposed to prestige death
GREATFUL DEAD , when a man helps a corpse
GHOST PROTECTION, how to protect against ghosts
GHOST STORIES, real life ghost stories
RESCUE CIRCLES, circles convened to assist
OHIO GHOST, ohio state reformatory in mansfield
GHOUL, evil spirit that robbed graves
BRIG, brig of the dead
OLD BAILEY, the old bailey ghost
OLD BLOODY BONES, a cornish ghost
OCEAN BORN MARY, red haired, green eyed ghost
NIGHT MAN, ghost from the isle of man
LORELEI, enchanting, beautifull ghost
LEMURES, ghosts of ancient rome
LAZY LAURENCE, gaurds the orchids of somerset
LADY LOVIBOND, the shipwreck of the lady lovibond
KIKIMORA, ghosts that attach to houses
GHOST HOUNDS, ghostly packs of dogs
HAG OF THE DRIBBLE, evil looking welsh ghost
JACK IN IRONS, haunts the backroads of england
INVISIBLES, ghosts that play with children
GRAVE SLEEPERS, sleeping on graves
FOUNTAIN OF BLOOD, represents the blood of a battle
FOG BOW, strange apparation in the alps
EXTRAS, ghosts that appear on photos
EVEREST GHOST, ghost from mount everest
WHOOPING HOLLOW, haunted ghost area in new england
ANKOU, is a ghost graveyard watcher
GHOST ARMIES, reported ghost armies throughout history
RACETRACK GHOST, a jockey ghost
SCREAMING SKULLS, ghost skulls that scream
SHIP O THE DEAD, a ship that collects a dead sailor
SILKY GHOST, ghost who does domestic chores
STONE AGE GHOST, oldest recorded ghost
TAKARABUNE, phantom treasure ship
TOWER OF LONDON, the most haunted place on earth
UNKNOWN SOLDIER, ghost of a soldier
WATER WRAITH, ghost of old women
WEST POINT GHOST, ghost of the famous military academy
WHITE LADIES, ghosts found in british isles
BLUE CAP, ghost who haunted mines
BOGGART, ghost who crawled into peoples bedrooms
BRAHMADAITYA, chief ghost in india
CAPE TOWN, the ghost haunting of cape town castle
DOWNING STREET GHOST, the ghost haunting of downing street
DRAKES DRUM, the drum of the sir francis drake ghost
DUPPY, a west indian ghost
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